Essential products for swimming pools | Pumps, Zodiac MX parts, chemicals etc.

It is essential to "turn" or circulate the entire volume of water of private pool at least one time every day. The recommended turn-over-rate for commercial pools is 2 times or more per day.

Depending on the pump system installed, is normally mean that your swimming pool pump should be functioning a minimum of of 6 hours per day.

To avoid green, unhealthy and unhygienic water that could host various bacteria check the following:

  • Make sure the swimming pool pump circulate pool water daily
  • Check water chemistry on a weekly basis and add chlorine or another sanitiser regularly to kill germs
  • Brush the pool walls and floor weekly and/or get a automatic pool cleaner like Zodiac's MX6 or MX8 to assist with this routine
  • Remove leaves and organic matter from the pool; weir basket and pool pump basket often to avoid algae growth and related issues
  • Book an inspection service with your local Pool Specialist every 6 months to keep your pool in an immaculate condition that is safe to use