Pumps for Rain & Grey water harvesting

Water pumps here are divided into a menu categories on the left based on is general or most common use(s).  A short overview of pump types and some technical terms follows.

The static head (H) of a pump is the maximum height (pressure) it can deliver. The capability of the pump to deliver a certain flowrate (Q) or volume (litres per hour or litres per minute) can be read from its Q-H curve (flow vs. height). Click here for more about pump head.

Clean water in terms is potable water which is water safe for drinking, while dirty water is water that may contain debris, dirty and small solids which includes grey water.  Grey water is water from sinks, showers, baths and washing machines that more and more home owners start using on their lawns and plants. 

All pumps in our shop can be used to pump clean water or swimming pool water, but we will specifically state that a pump can used to pump dirty water as not all pumps are designed to handle dirty or grey water. To get the longest life out of any pump, the correct pump for the application and specific situation should be selected.

General design guidelines

Swimming pools:

In swimming pools design, bather laoding or the number of swimmers using a pool determine the size of filter system and size of pumps. But in general, the pump of private swimming pools is sized to turn the entire volume of swimming pool water 1 time when running for 6 hours.

Garden irrigation using harvested rainwater or grey water:

For garden irrigation or using a hose, select a pump that can supplying 1200 to 1800 Litre per hour at a pressure of 3 Bar per tap. To pump grey water or rainwater onto your garden, your will need a pump that can handle dirty water. 

Water reticulation or supply to private homes:

As a general rule, count the number of water using fixture (basins, toilets, showers, batths etc.) and multiply that number with 3 Litres per minute to determine the maximum demand in terms of flowrate (Q) and the pump supply systems should be designed to cope easily with the maximum water demand. Most of the time, the maximum water requirement of a single storey 3 bedroom house is from 60L/min upto 100L/min for a double storey building.

For single storey homes, pressure of 3 Bar (i.e. 3m head) is desirable and for double storey homes 5 Bar pressure is ideal.