We have measures in place to ensure our team stay safe and stand firm against the fight against Covid-19. 

Some basic principles:

    • Sales Support via Whatsapp are available on 0824041533, Monday to Friday - 09:00 to 16:00. Please leave a text message or voice-note. We are closed on public holidays.
    • For technical advice: Whatsapp 082 459 5784 with full details and a photo or video of the problem or question, together with your Name; Surname & Email address
    • We prefer payment via EFT (electronic bank transfer)
    • Secure card payments via PayFast on our website is possible
    • Orders are only dispatched upon clearance of funds
    • We are not geared to deal with collections, but can be arranged
    • Our couriers will deliver to your home or office address as quick as possible

When do I get my Order?

Delivery time is linked to the item(s) ordered. The item with the longest lead-time will determine the date of shipment.

We keep stock of many products, but not everything.  Fast-moving items may sometimes be out-of-stock when we are awaiting delivery from a supplier. For that reason we use shipping indicators to give an estimation of the time delivery takes.

Where no shipping indicator is shown in the product description, you can assume that the item will take a maximum of 21 Days to arrive to any destination in South Africa.

The following are examples of shipping indicators:

When delivery is printed in a red font the area of delivery for the item is limited. This normally applies to bulky or heavy items and hazardous chemicals.