Culture Statement

Swimming Pool Specialist | Pool Company | Online Shop | Centurion | South Africa

Our vision is to help double the number of swimming pool owners in South Africa to 2 million by the year 2040.

Our daily mission is to create happy swimming pool owners that will recommend to their colleagues, family and friends.

Culture Statement
The acronym "S W E M G A T" stands for: Share; Wealth; Entrepreneurship; Money; Generosity; and Activate Tenacity - words that encapsulates our company's culture.

S - To share is crucial in human existence. We wake up in the morning and look forward to a new day where we can improve and share our skills that will make the lives of our own and our customers' families better.

W - Effective combination of physical and human resources create wealth.  We always want to learn more about Swimming Pool Technology in order to make pool ownership easier.

E - Being an “entrepreneur” is an admirable career choice and team-members are encouraged to start their own business while working for Swemgat.

M - The ultimate reason why we are in business is to continuously generate money to provide a stable income for our teams, suppliers, service providers and government in order to make South Africa better.

G - Generosity is viewed as an attitude and is cultivated by us; thus giving without expecting anything in return. When we can, we offer our time, money and talents to aid someone in need.

A - Every day we read about principles and promises in the Bible that activate us to find, define our true purpose in life.

We believe in Jesus Christ as our Saviour and are not ashamed to spread the written Word. The BIBLE after all is our human manual for happy living with Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

T - We view tenacity as the most important attribute team-members should have. "Tenacity" is the trait of never giving up.