3D Dark Blue Fibreglass Pool Mosaic Tile Sheet 461 x154mm - Swemgat

3D Dark Blue Fibreglass Pool Mosaic Tile Sheet 461 x154mm

  • R 34.50


Minimum order quantity: 20 Sheets =9.22m


Mosaic sheets used on waterline and step edges of fibreglass swimming pools


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  • My pool mosaic sheets are discolouring, getting white marks . Could you advise what to do. Only been in about a month.

    Fibreglass mosaic tiles are printed on a tissue-like paper (as you know) and should be sealed with 3 or more thick layers of clear top coat in order to seal and protect them from water getting to tissue paper. After application of the top coat allow it to air-dry for 7 days or longer before filling the swimming pool.

    So, one or more of the following potential problems causes the mosaics to discolour:

    - Water is getting to the mosaics-tissue-paper (not enough clear top coat layers were painted)

    - The top coat did not cure or harden properly (not enough time allowed to dry)

    - Incorrect amount of catalyst hardner was added to the clear top coat.  (Add 1% or more to a maximum of 3% per volume catalyst to top coats and resins)


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