Activator D - Treatment for 50000L swimming pool water

  • R 229.00

Normal dosage:
The product comes in two bottles - a powder and a liquid - totaling 850 grams.  This is enough to treat 50 000 Liter swimming pool water for one month.

For severe green pools:
Use double the normal dosage as an initial treatment. Continue thereafter with the normal dosage.

Activator D does kill bacteria to a certain extent, and under normal conditions. activator D is sufficient for cleansing the water in your home pool, as well as keeping it free of algae.

Unlike some other products which are on the market, activator D will not react with other chemicals in your pool, so you can use it immediately.

And, you can even add it to the water while people are swimming!

Can HTH or chlorine be added:
Yes, we recommend that 1 cup of HTH is added weekly for a 50 000L pool.


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