Add: Replace a faulty pump with a New Swimming Pump (select Make & Size)

  • R 3,000.00

The swimming pool pumps offered here are the most popular, most reliable and best-value-for-money in our opinion:

  • Quality Pumps are robust and parts are readily available  
  • Rapid Pumps are know for their long life; reliable operation and handling of large debris -
  • Speck Pumps are precision engineered and comes with a screw-on type lid

Carry-in Warranty:

  • Quality - 2 Years
  • Rapid Pumps by Earthco - 2 Years
  • Speck - 3 Years

What will we recommend:

  • Re-install the same pump if the old pump lasted for 7 years or longer, otherwise try another make
  • The kilowatt (kW) rating should match the size of your filter. For a 2-bag sand filter usually a 0.6kW will suffice; 0.75kW for a 3-bag sand filter and 1.1kW for larger sand filters



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