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Aquaswim Sand filter

  • R 3,750.00



The AQUASWIM range of sand filter has a seamless, one piece moulded polyethylene tank. Fitted complete with our smooth operating side mounted Multiport valve for easy selection of standard operating features. 

The AQUASWIM range of sand filters is strong, reliable and simple to operate. They feature non-corrosive high flow ABS internal components and an automatic internal air relief system.

The AQUASWIM range of sand filters is fully factory tested and under normal operating conditions carry a 24 month ex-factory warranty on the tank, the Multiport valve and internal parts from date of purchase.


I have a porpoise 90/16 (0.75Kw) pump and need to replace the existing sand filter. Can I use a 2 bag filter? Your site suggests that these pumps are used on 75000L pools but mine is not that big, I estimate mine is between 40-50000L.

ANSWER: 3 Bag filter is recommended to use with this 0.75kw pump

  • Aquaswim 2 Bag Sand filter for a 57000L Pool. Recommended pump to use is a 0.45kw.
  • Aquaswim 3 Bag Sand filter for a 75000L Pool. Recommended pump to use is a 0.75kw.

  • Aquaswim 4 Bag Sand filter  for a 87000L Pool. Recommended pump to use is a 1.1kw


Ask a Question
  • How long does a Aquaswim 3 bag sand filter last with proper maintenance.

    The Aquaswim sandfiltersand should last for many years, if the size pump connected to it is not exceeding the specific filters capacity.

    For example: The maximum recommended size pump for a 3-bag Aquaswim sand filter should not exceed 0.75kW otherwise to much pressure (flow) might cause the drum to crack.

    If in doubt, please Whatsapp Swemgat Technical support via the Website or use the "Contact Us" form