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BLU52 All-in-one-pool-care solution for pools(Select your size)

  • R 175.00


BLU52 is a simple 52 week pool care solution for a blue pool

  • One BLU52 value pack provides chemical for 4 weeks, thus you will need 13 units to keep your pool clean for a whole year.

  • The easy to use BLU52 dispenser contains a combination of algaecides, algistats, bactericides, oxidizers and water clarifiers

BLU52 pool maintenance chemicals provide a complete pool maintenance solution that is low on chlorine, ensuring a healthier swimming pool environment.

  • The 4-week value pack provides you with an easy-to-store product with a once-a-week measured application.
  • Blu52 is fast acting, convenient and easy to use.

  • Most importantly, BLU52 is a simple solution that is guaranteed to work.


Bring the 52 week blue solution back to pool maintenance

  • BLU52 prevent your swimming pool from turning green


To prevent brown metal staining of your swimming, add metal remover to the water every 6 months or more often. Obe bottle metal remover
treats a 35000L pool. Click here to order

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BLU52 swimming pool cleaning solutions



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