Add: Installation of swimming pool pump in Gauteng (Select area)

Add: Installation of swimming pool pump in Gauteng (Select area)

  • R 550.00

The 1st step to treat your swimming pool is to BOOK AN APPOINTMENT.

AREA where the installation service is available:

  • Centurion, Gauteng - South Africa

For our technicians to come prepared:

PLEASE SEND PHOTOS or videos via WHATSAPP to 0824595784 after which we will confirm an available booking time.  Photos of the following is required:

  • A photo of the new pump if not bought from Swemgat (we need to see how it looks)
  • A photo of your pool;
  • The pump system with filter;
  • and photos of any other problem(s)


  1. Do an inspection of the pool; test the entire pump system; water balance etc.
  2. Give you a detail quotation of anything extra that may be problematic
  3. Prioritise the work that need to be done and get the job it done!


  • A thorough inspection of your residential swimming and/or spa
  • Professional advice
  • Fixing of a problem(s) in less than 45 minutes if we have the parts with us
  • FOR CLEAR POOLS: Water testing and adding of basic chemicals (if required) to correct pH, Total Alkalinity and chlorine levels with a cost thereof up to a R100
ADD EXTRA services:
  • If you are already aware of services like a filter sand  that need to be changed;
  • a green pool that needs a booster treatment or something else,
  • Please add it to your cart

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