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Geobubble solar covers for swimming pools

Geobubble solar covers for swimming pools

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Geo bubble solar covers for swimming pools

 Solar swimming pool covers when used on its own is the cheapest form of pool heating product you'll find. Combine this with solar pool heating panels and you will have a winning heating system that the whole family will enjoy for 9 months of the year.

Solar pool covers (also called "solar blankets") are the most popular heat retention mechanism and made from Ultra Violet treated Polyethylene material blended with other additives to increase strength and suppleness and handling on swimming pools.

Benefits of using a solar covers are:

  • It increases the water temperature of outdoor in full sunshine by about 5°C
  • Cuts heating costs by at least 60%
  • It reduces evaporation by up to 95%
  • Keeps your swimming pool or spa cleaner
  • Ultra light-weight making it easy to remove before swimming and to replace again after wards
  • Extends your swimming season
  • Easy installation. Cover is laid on water surface and trimmed to shape with a ordinary household scissors.

Disadvantages of solar covers are:

  • Relative short lifespan (2.5 to 3 years)
  • Should be stored in shade when not on the pool (or protect with a solar protection sheet)
  • Important: This is not a safety cover, but can easily be used in conjunction with a pool safety net or swimming pool alarm.

Carry-in warranty:

1 year on material for pool usage, subject to:

  • Storage in shaded area when not in use
  • Ensure water is chemically balanced (Free Cl 3 ppm; ph~7,2)
  • Water temperature always below 35 degrees Celsius


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Manufacturer's 12 month carry-in warranty

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