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Poolmaid Supreme Chlorinator Self Cleaner (please select size)

  • R 10,933.00



  The Poolmaid salt chlorinator automatically turns coarse salt into chlorine, reducing the hassle of pool care and saving you money on chemicals. Poolmaid Chlorinators have been designed with plugs and sockets, so they are easy to install and suitable for DIY installations.

The Poolmaid Salt Chlorinator makes it easier and more economical to own a swimming pool
by automatically dosing and regulating the chlorine level. In fact, under normal conditions,
you will only need to add salt once a year and ordinary pool acid when required, depending
on how often the pool is back washed.

The Poolmaid Salt Chlorinator is the answer to hassle-free pool care.


Product Features

compact design for easy installation in new or existing pump housings;

makes pool water gentler on eyes and skin;

high efficiency and low running costs;

low voltage operation;

requires electrode cleaning only once a month depending on the calcium content of the water;


can be used in electric & solar heated pools;

safety tested, UL, CE and South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) approved;

1-year warranty on electronics & 2-year pro rata warranty on electrodes;

electrodes and spares reasonable priced;

easy to service;

Poolmaid uses the latest printed circuit board technology;

kit includes chlorinator unit, power supply, electrical connections, plumbing elbows, transformer and mounting screws;

Salt required for this size pool when buying your first chlorinator, for every 10000 Litres you will require a 50kg bag of salt.


S8C   self-cleaning 30V 5gr 25-50 000 litres
S11   self-cleaning 230/18V 11gr 50 -80 000 litres
S14   self-cleaning 230/18V 15gr 80 000-100 000 litres
S18   self-cleaning 230/18V 18gr 100 -120 000 litres


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