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Zodiac Chlorinator Tri-Series with pH controller(Please select your size)

  • R 20,400.00


  • The Clearwater Tri Maxi Chlorinator with pH controller is suitable to santize up to 160 000L of a normal private swimming pool
  • A more intelligent Salt Water Chlorinator with pH controlling unit
  • Easy to use interface
  • Up gradeable component - pH module
  • Easy access for electrode removal
  • Compact & aesthetically pleasing
  • Insect and heat resistant
  • Electronic menu available in English and Afrikaans
  • Built in timer
  • LED Display

Salt required for this size pool when buying your first chlorinator, for every 10000 Liters you will require a 50kg bag of salt.

    Installing the product

    Zodiac Clearwater TRi-series chlorinators use the same port in/out centers of existing Zodiac salt chlorinators and is great for retro fit. TRi is very easy to install.

    How the product works

    The TRi Control Centre gives you complete control at the touch of a button and manages the Chlorine Generating Cell. This Cell integrates improved water flow with reverse polarity plates for lower maintenance. This unique combination is the next generation in water care management.

    The Tri-pH module sets itself apart with ‘built in intelligence’ – computer controlled technology that monitors your pool’s chemistry and tells you if your pH levels are too high or too low and adjusts its own performance to match the needs of your pool.

    Caring for the product

    In areas that experience calcium hardness the TRi electrode will benefit from cleaning. This is a reverse polarity unit which means that it cleans itself but it is necessary for you to clean your electrodes at least once a month.


    For more information on cleaning the electrodes please consult your manual.

    Available in South Africa Max Pool Size
    Tri Mini 50 000 litre
    Tri Midi 80 000 litre
    Tri Maxi 160 000 litre


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