Hydro Stop or Mix & Fix  | Use for crack repair in dams, ponds, swimming pools...

Hydro Stop or Mix & Fix | Use for crack repair in dams, ponds, swimming pools...

  • R 360.00

Setting time determines the product to use:

  • If fast setting (~2 minutes) is required - HYDRO STOP is the answer
  • If a slower setting (~10 minutes) material is required, you should select MIX & FIX

Fast setting HYDROSTOP stops outflowing water from concrete dams or inflowing groundwater. 

HYDROSTOP is a pre-mixed cementations’ grey powder combined with accelerating chemicals to produce an instant setting in +- 2 minutes. It expands on setting, is non-staining, frost and salt resistant.

HYDRO MIX & FIX is a slower setting material and used to repair hairline cracks in concrete walls, floors and swimming pools. The product is also commonly used to fit new gatemotor tracks in cutout paving grooves. Cracks need to be opened to at least 30mm wide in order to ensure a proper bond.

HYDRO MIX & FIX sets in 10minutes and reach full strength in about an hour making it perfect for fitment and sealing of weirs and other plastic pool equipment in concrete.

Non-shrinking, no pre-saturation to substrate is required. Thermal expansion and contraction similar to that of ordinary Portland Cement.

Typical Applications

  • Fit or seal around plastic weirs, inlets and light fittings in swimming pools
  • Stop flowing water through holes in concrete and masonry surfaces
  • Seals around pipes, conduits and ducts
  • Can be placed in sub-zero temperatures such as cold rooms

Directions for Use

HYDROSTOP set in 2 minutes, therefor all preparation and cleaning should be done before mixing Hydrostop-powder with water. The surface must be firm, clean absorbent and free of dust or plaster.  Wet surface to be treated before application. Add clean water to a small amount of HYRDOSTOP and mix to the consistency of putty.  Tool material into the prepared opening and hold firmly in place until product has hardened.  Stop flowing water by forcing dry powder into cracks and hold firmly in place until product has hardened. Repeat if Necessary.

HYDRO MIX & FIX is also mixed with water and allow the applicator about 10 minutes before it start setting.


  •     Avoid contact with skin
  •     Avoid contact with eyes




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