Hydro seal for concrete or old marblite Swimming Pools (Select 12,5kg or 25kg) - White / Grey / Charcoal

Hydro seal for concrete or old marblite Swimming Pools (Select 12,5kg or 25kg) - White / Grey / Charcoal

  • R 1,350.00


A double-layer cementitious surface sealer for swimming pools and ponds

White, Grey, Charcoal


Product description:

HydroSealant is fine and smooth blend of cementitious powders combined with proprietary activating chemicals and high grade aggregate fillers that make concrete and cement plastered surfaces watertight.

Hydrosealant can be applied on new and old plastered cement and marblite (marble plaster).  The product
penetrates the surface through moisture absorption and reacts with the free lime. It forms a hard crystalline substance that become an integral part of the structure and fills the pores. HydroSealant provides positive and negative waterproofing against dampness and ground water as well as hydrostatic pressure. 

What makes Hydrosealant unique?

  • It forms a hard crystalline substance that penetrates cement

  • Can and should be applied on damp concrete.

    There is no need to wait long periods for concrete to dry. The first coat of Hydrosealant can be applied 1 day after new plaster or concrete is done.

    During rainy periods which is normally problematic for construction work, Hydrosealant saves time because is can be applied the next day or a few hours after rain.

Typical properties:

  • Full curing and hardening of the surface takes about 21 days
  • Mixed HydoSealant have a working time of about 60 minutes at 20 Degrees Celsius. In warmer weather, the product will dry faster
  • The product is non-toxic and will not taint water once fully cured

Product Coverage:
  • A 25kg of material cover about 16 m2 for application of two coats on water containing structures with cement base.
  • For old marble plastered (marblite) surfaces, less Hydrosealant is required because these surfaces are not so porous:  A 25kg of material cover about 35m2 for application of two coats on water containing structures.



  • Ensure surface is clean
  • Old plaster and marble plastered surfaces should be cleaned and smoothed with a rigid grinding disc



  • Dampen the concrete or plastered surface with water (spray on or use a block-brush and paint water evenly over entire surface)
  • Mix the product in the ration supplied and add water
  • We suggest that not more than 25kg Hydrosealant with 3L Hydro bonding agent and 6 litre water is mixed at a time for 2 persons.
  • First coat - apply at a rate of about 1kg per square meter, using a block-brush. Paint first coat in horisontal strokes on walls and floors (and make a note of the paint direction)
  • Allow 12 hours curing between coats


  • Dampen the painted surface with water
  • Mix HydroSealant according to the same ratio as before: 25kg Hydrosealant / 3L Hydro bonding agent & add litre water 
  • Apply the second coat at a rate of about 0.5kg per square meter in vertical strokes (at a right angle to the first coat)
  • Leave the to dry for 12 to 15 hours


  • Rinse of off any dust with a soft brush or broom to remove  excess material that did not penetrate into the surface
  • Use a sponge remove dirty water. Be careful during the cleaning process not to drag buckets over surface because it may cause marks.
  • Start to fill with water and ensure that water do not spray direct or hard on uncured surface (open water slowly at start and cover end of hosepipe with a bag with holes).
  • Fill up and treat as normal, but ensure the steel or hard sides of brushes do not scratch the surface during the curing period
  • Normal chemical treatment for fish and human swimmers can be followed, but do not add any salt during the first 3 weeks.
  • Do not add use any automatic pool cleaning equipment such as "Kreepy Krauly's" during the first 3 weeks. Brush manually.


  • Static cracks greater than 1mm must be chased out, dampened down and repaired with HydroStop, followed by a coat of Hydrosealant mixed to a slurry. 

Other applications:

  • Swimming pools
  • Concrete dams

If the product may be exposed to extend to air or stand dry for extended periods, like the applications below. A coat of HydroCure would be required. It is however also required that the surface are lightly sprayed with water, twice a day for 3 or more days after application of the final coat to ensure proper curing.

  • Beach entry swimming pools
  • Canals
  • Manholes
  • Sewerage tanks
  • Water reservoirs 





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