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Kreepy Krauly Warrior pool cleaner (same design as Dominator)

  • R 3,900.00

Kreepy Krauly® Warrior

Suction-side In ground Pool Cleaner

The Kreepy Krauly Warrior clean dirt and debris of medium to large pools easy. Deploy the sturdy, compact cleaner into your in ground pool and win the battle against leaves, sand and other hard-to-clean debris. Its two-wheeled design and programmed steering cycle help maneuver the Kreepy Krauly Warrior over pool bottoms, up 90 degree floor-to-wall angles and into hard-to-reach corners.


  • The Sure-Flow Turbine helps dirt and debris to pass through easily to avoid clogging
  • The Roller Skirt cleans over obstacles
  • Programmed Steering Cycle – Assures complete and thorough pool cleaning coverage
  • The Warrior's quick-release latch ensure easy access for replacement of parts, or to clean parts when required
  • 1 Year limited Warranty


This pool cleaner was previously marketed in SA as the Kreepy Krauly Dominator, but now marketed under trade name Kreepy Krauly Warrior
in SA. In some other parts of the world this pool cleaner is marketed under the name Kreepy Krauly Rebel.

Click here for a video-review of the Kreepy Warrior

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