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Pond Submersible Pump Hailea P-series (Select you model)

  • R 3,380.00


Hailea Subm Hailea Submersible Pumps are ideal for filter systems of all kinds of ponds. Also suitable as fountain pump and water feature pump.


  • Particularly robust impeller, higher efficiency & more energy saving.
  • Ceramic bearings guarantee continuous operation.
  • All electrical parts are fully encapsulated in artificial resin.
  • Overload protection by means of a thermal overload trip.
  • Water inlet board,upper cover,etc. are made from high quality plastics. Sturdy and durable.
  • Multi-purpose 3-step water outlet(hose nozzle), convenient to install and use.
  • These pumps are characterized by large flow,high efficiency,energy saving,stability, sturdiness and durableness.

 Hailea P-series Submersible Pump


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