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Party Pool Colouring dye for upto 50 000L pool | Colour: Blue

  • R 189.00

Brand supplied:

  • Poolbrite, Africhem or similar quality whichever is available at the time of shipping

Why use party pool colouring or dye?

  • Adds a festive colour to your pool
  • 1 Bottle is required for +-50 000L of water
  • Lasts up to 2 days

After party treatment:

  • Test and adjust pH (7.2) and Total Alkalinity (80-120ppm) to ideal levels
  • Add extra HTH or granular chlorine to remove dye from water to avoid the risk of possible stains to pool lining

Swimming pool party colour


Ask a Question
  • Hi, How long does the pool dye last and can it affect the filter system or stain the edges of the pool? Thank you in advance. Kelly

    Pool dye or "party colouring" is meant to use for 1 day only. Therefore, as soon as possible after your pool party it is recommended to add extra HTH / granular chlorine to remove the dye from the swimming pool water. 

    Also ensure that the pH (7.2-7.2) and Total Alkalinity (80-120ppm) of the water is balanced.

    No, dyes will not damage filtersand, but the dye is left in the water for days it may stain marblite pool plaster linings.

    For more information or assistance, whatsapp Swemgat Technical Support on 0824595784.