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Party pool colouring dye for upto 50 000L water

Party pool colouring dye for upto 50 000L water

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Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng: 7 Days Other areas: 9 Days Sorry, no delivery to outlying areas and farms.

Light up your pool with this one-of-a-kind party dye! Just add to your pool water of up to 50 000L and watch its electric neon-green, slush-puppy-red or blue colour transform the entire scene! Imagine your friends' eyes pop when they see the vibrant, party-ready colour of your pool. Time to crank up the events! We'll leave the music choice to you!

Brand supplied

  • Any brand whichever is available at the time of shipping

For 3 days before adding the product

  • Do not add any chlorine
  • The dye only works with very low chlorine levels

Why use party pool colouring or dye?

  • Adds a festive blue colour to swimming pool water
  • 1 Bottle is required for +-50 000L of water
  • Lasts up to 2 days

After party treatment:

  • Test and adjust pH (7.2) and Total Alkalinity (80-120ppm) to ideal levels

  • Add granular chlorine (HTH) to remove dye from water to avoid the risk of possible stains of the pool lining

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