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Pressure Air Switch

  • R 859.00

Spa Pressure Switches normally operate by water pressure on a bellow that pushes up a little rod that presses on the spa switch activator. The spa pressure switch or spa flow switch is a safety device which shuts off the heater circuit if water flow is interrupted. Closed during normal spa operation, it snaps open if spa pump fails or an air pocket forms. This prevents the heater from meltdown if there is an equipment failure.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q1: How and where would this switch be mounted on the water pipes for a spa?

A1: The switch is mounted on the end of a pipe. We cut the pipeline on the pressure side and glue a T-piece in.
On the T-end glue a PVC endstop with hole drilled into it. The Pressure Air Switch is fitted into the drilled hole.


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