Spa Flexible yellow Tubing 10mm Roll 15m - Swemgat

Spa Flexible yellow Tubing 10mm Roll 15m

  • R 820.00

This quality, value-priced flexible PVC pipe has multiple uses. Spas, pools, ponds and sprinklers - it costs a little more, but if time and damage prevention is worth anything to you, this pipe is a real bargain. You will wonder why everyone isn't using it!
Flexible PVC Pipe - Spa Hose
Feature & Benefits
  • Simplifies plumbing layouts and installations
  • Easily gets into hard-to-get-at spots
  • Replaces rigid pipe for plumbing pool, spa or hot tub installations
  • Sun, ozone, & mildew resistant
    We do not recommend placing this flexible pipe in continuous sunlight
  • Coils easily for storage


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