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Speck Pumps - Badu Eco Combi Pro-3 | Variable speed Pump

Speck Pumps - Badu Eco Combi Pro-3 | Variable speed Pump

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Badu Eco Combi Pro-3 . All in one unit with variable speed Pump, Cartridge filter, Power box and pipes connected in one housing. The Badu Eco Combi-pro-3 is the perfect solution for the eco conscious consumer with the combination of the Badu Eco touch pump and the Badu Eco wise cartridge filter. Due to highly innovative motor technology, the self priming circulation pump Badu Eco Touch is revolutionizing energy consumption, operating costs, water quality and low CO2 emissions in swimming pools and koi ponds. Together with the many other advantages of the Badu Eco Touch is that it is designed for quiet operation as well.

The System is simple but brilliant: The lower the motor speed, the lower the energy consumption! Many years experience in the design and construction of pumps and the use of high-quality materials are a guaranteed for time tested Badu quality! To complete the eco-friendly system, we use the Badu Eco Wise Cartridge filter. No more backwash and no more water down the drain with easy-to-clean cartridges that can be removed or replaced. For total dynamic head (m) and water flow rate (Q in m3) for the Badu Eco Combi-pro 3 unit, please see performance curves on the Badu Eco Touch pump and Badu Eco Wise range of filters. The Badu Eco Combi-3 is fully factory tested and under normal operating conditions only from date of purchase.

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