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Speck Pumps Multi-Cyclone Centrifugal Pre-filter (Select your model)

Speck Pumps Multi-Cyclone Centrifugal Pre-filter (Select your model)

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Multi Cyclone PLUS and ULTRA ranges are a brilliant new pre-filtration device combined with a cartridge filter that can help you save thousands of liters of water a year in an average pool.

The MultiCyclone PLUS and ULTRA’s streamlined design means the entire filtration system can be installed vertically, reducing the footprint of the equipment pad. Additionally, minimal pipework reduces filtration system’s overall head loss. Alternatively the MultiCyclone PLUS or ULTRA can be installed next to the pump by using the optional base.


  • Easy to install.
  • Dual stage centrifugal water filtration.
  • Ultra compact filtration system.
  • No moving parts.
  • Cuts wasteful back washing.
  • Reduces filter maintenance.
  • Suitable for both new and existing installations.
  • Supplied with both quick connect unions and purge valve.
  • Applicable to swimming pool, water treatment and aquaculture industries.
  • 24 Month ex-factory product warranty on unit without cartridge filter under normal operating conditions from date of purchase.

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