SPECKTRALIGHT Aqua 50 Blue | LED replacement globe to fit ~ 170mm standard pool-light housing

  • R 1,295.00

SPECKTRALIGHT Aqua 50 Blue light is a LED replacement light with electrical cable that fits into standard underwater Quality pool light housings with a hole-diameter of  approx. 170mm

Colour of light:  Blue
Voltage: 12 Volt
Power:  16 Watt

Installation is easy:

  • It is not necessary to drain a pool's water to replace pool lights (globes)
  • Remove the old light from the underwater housing by putting a flat screwdriver between the build-in housing and face-plate
  • Join the cable of the new light to the existing wire
  • 12 Volt wires can come in contact with water, but it is not ideal to prevent rust
  • Press the light evenly by hand into the hole. As soon as it fits, use a rubber hammer and tap it on the edge in order to insert it completely.


  • If your concrete or fibreglass moulded have an Quality pool light housing, the hole is about 2mm smaller than the Speck LED replacement light. To make it fit; use a knife to trim the plastic or use sanding paper to reduce the thickness of the ribs in order to fit into the housing.


  • Do not connect pool lights to 220V. Consult or hire a electrician to fit lights if you're in doubt or call Swemgat
  • Your pool DB Board and electrical circuit should have a 12 Volt transformer as power source to for underwater pool light(s).

Carry-in Warranty:

6 Months subject to normal operation under water.


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