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Swimming Pool UV Clarifier

Swimming Pool UV Clarifier

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When can I expect delivery?

Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng: 10 Days | Other areas: 12 Days | Sorry, no delivery to outlying areas and farms.

Power rating:

55 Watt

Benefits of adding a UV clarifier to your pool: 

UV systems provide a safer, cost-effective solution for keeping pool water clean, reducing chemical usage and tackling chlorine-resistant microorganisms.

UV-C light disinfection and chlorine are both reliable sources to protect you against bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. However, certain pathogens such as cryptosporidium and giardia, are chlorine-resistant but can be killed by UV light treatment. UV light can destroy up to 99.99% of all harmful microorganisms.


  • A UV-carifier for a swimming pool should be use in combination with a cartridge filter or sand filter that will mechanically remove dirt and debris from the water
  • UV clarifiers can be used in combination with swimming pool chlorinators

Is water treated with UV light safe?

Yes, it's in use for many years for treatment of water in industry and swimming pools.

What size UV system is recommended for my swimming pool?

  • 55 Watt for up to 50 000L swimming pool water
  • For larger pools, plumb two or more UV clarifiers in parallel

    Maximum flow rates:

    • 300 Liter per minute

    Installer's tip:  To reduce water flow over the UV light, simply insert a bypass line with a T-off line to divide water flows and control the rate with a ball valve and rejoin the main line again after the UV Light.

    PVC pipe connection size:
    • 50mm Inlet & Outlet


    • Replacement the UV globe every 12 months

    Equipment dimensions:

    • Approx. 940mm long x 90mm diameter for the UV light chamber

    Carry-in warranty:

    • 7 Day working-warranty on the light / globe
    • 6 Months on other parts




    Manufacturer's 12 month carry-in warranty

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