Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner - Engine & Gearbox Service Kit - Swemgat

Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner - Engine & Gearbox Service Kit

  • R 2,189.00


1 x Zodiac MX8 Replacement Engine

2 x Large bearings to fit onto Engine

2 x Zodiac MX8 Drive shaft

1 x Zodiac Gearbox A

1 x Zodiac Gearbox B

1 x Track Set of Zodiac MX8 Wheels


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Exploded Diagram MX8:



Ask a Question
  • Hi do these parts come out with installation manuals?

    Sorry, no manuals are available for repairs on the product. So you'll have to remember or record your steps as you disassemble the machine. Have a look at the exploded diagram of the Zodiac MX8 above, which shows you where every parts fits. It's fairly easy to do, or take the machine to your nearest Swimming Pool Professional for help.