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Activator D

Product Description

Activator D is a convenient and economical once-a-month pool treatment that combats black and green algae. Helping to restore and maintain the sparkle of your pool without the hassle of other pool maintenance methods.

Treats 50 000 litres

A single dose of Activator D comes in two bottles containing a powder and a liquid, totalling 850 grams. This single dosage is enough to treat a pool of up to 50 000 Litre for one month. If your pool is severely green, it is recommended to use a double dosage as an initial shock treatment, i.e 2 packs for 50 000 Litre of water. Thereafter you can continue with the normal monthly dosage amount. Therefore Activator D is ideal for restoring even the most neglected pool to pristine condition and keeping it there, ensuring you are always pool party ready.

Kills algae

Activator D effectively combats both green and black algae. With green algae being cleared within a few days after treatment. While the more stubborn black algae will disappear over a few weeks, brushing allows the treatment to work on its roots. Making this treatment one of the easiest and most efficient methods for combating algae in your pool, keeping it clear, blue, and inviting.

Safe to use

Activator D is safe to use as it is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and chlorine-free. Therefore it won’t irritate the eyes or skin of anyone using the pool. It can even be added to the water while people are swimming. 

Activator D also doesn’t react with other chemicals in your pool, unlike other products. Therefore, you can use it immediately no matter what other treatments you have added to your pool and you can use it with HTH/Chlorine. 

Additionally, Activator D is environmentally friendly, meaning your pool run-off water should not damage plants, provided no other chemicals are used. Therefore, Activator D gives you peace of mind that your pool treatment won’t harm anyone while keeping your pool sparklingly clear.

Kills bacteria

Activator D does kill bacteria to a certain extent under normal conditions. Making it sufficient for cleansing the water of your home pool. However, for more high-traffic or public pools, it is advised to use additional anti-bacterial treatments to help cleanse the water.

Making Activator D perfect for keeping your home pool clear of pathogens, ensuring the safety and health of your friends and family.

Save money in winter

Dosing of Activator D can be stopped when the water temperature is below 13°C, and nobody swims. You can also lower the dosage of chlorine. This saves you money as you don’t have to buy treatments during the months your pool isn’t used.

Variety of sizes

Activator D comes in a variety of package sizes, there is a single pack, 4-pack, and 10-pack available. The 10-pack lasts a year for well-maintained pools of up to 50 000L with a working pump system. Therefore you can get as much Activator D as you need to suit your needs and budget, or even buy once a year and not worry about your pool maintenance again.

Easy to use

Activator D is easy to use, full treatment instructions are as follows. Before treatment ensure that the water pH is between 6.8 and 7.2.

  1. Backwash your pool
  2. While the motor is running with the valve set to filter empty both containers of Activator D into the weir. (DO NOT pour directly into the pool). Dosage is one treatment for up to 50 000 Litres, with severely neglected pools requiring an initial double dosage.
  3. Brush the pool well after pouring Activator D into the weir. Brushing is required to ensure the chemicals dissolve and react fast to clear water. It also prevents the risk of undissolved chemicals staining the pool sides, while helping the treatment combat black algae by breaking its tough surface.
  4. Backwash your pool once a week, keeping the pool brushed, baskets clear, and alkalinity normal.
  5. Starting 3 days after Activator D treatment it is recommended to add 1 to 3 cups of HTH or chlorine weekly for every 50 000L of water. This provides extra protection against bacteria.

By following these easy instructions you will ensure your pool stays crystal clear and inviting. Ensuring that you can always enjoy a swim in your pristine pool, with minimal hassle.

Just as the pool above is clean so could yours be,

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