Solar Pool Heating

Add 8 to 12 degrees celsius

Solar pool heating systems are the most economical, and environmental friendly systems available that utilises free solar energy to heat swimming pool water.  A solar pool heating system or heatpump will add 8 to 12 degrees to the water temperature (when sized correct).

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Solarhouse   Heated swimming pool





The system diagram below illustrates the basic components of a solar pool heating system. In normal circumstances, the existing pool pump will be used for circulation through the panels. A pump with a power rating of 0.75kW for panels installed on a single simplex roof and and a 1.1kW pump for double storey roofs are required to ensure sufficient water circulation. 

Fact: "More panels equals more heat!"

Swimming Pool Heating Solar Diagram


swimming pool solar heating table 



Add 5 degrees celsius

solarcoverladySolar pool cover material

Solar pool covers (also called "solar blankets") can be used on their own. They are the most popular heat retention mechanism and made from Ultra Violet treated Polyethylene material blended with several other materials to increase strength and suppleness to improve handling on swimming pools.

Benefits of using a solar covers are:

  • It increases the water temperature of outdoor in full sunshine by about 5°C
  • Cuts heating costs by at least 60%
  • It reduces evaporation by up to 95%
  • Keeps your swimming pool or spa cleaner
  • Ultra light-weight making it easy to remove before swimming and to replace again afterwards
  • Extends your swimming season
  • Easy installation.
  • The material is laid on the water surface and trimmed to shape with a ordinary household scissors

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