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Pool inspection, small repairs & water balancing

Pool inspection, small repairs & water balancing

We will contact you to arrange a day & time (Mon-Fri, 9:00-15:00)
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When can I expect delivery?


    • Book now if you're in the area specified, otherwise please contact us

      If your pool is GREEN 

      • Please let us know in the "comments" section during checkout
      • The cost of cleaning will be extra


      What is included?

      • Our "Inspection Service" is a preventative measure to identify and detect potential problems early
      • If however, your pool require immediate attention - small repairs than will take less than an hour is included

      Duration of visit: 

      • 1 to 2 hours

      What our Pool Technician do:

      1. Do an inspection of the pool lining, paving for problems
      2. Test the pump system
      3. Test the pool water balance (Hardness, Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, pH, Level of Chlorine Protector)
      4. Add chemicals if required to balance the water (if it is available)
      5. Give you a detail quotation of any faults
      6. Prioritise the work that need to be done and get the job done

      Cost up to R1000 will be added automatically to you bill, afterwards:

      • The cost of minor repairs or replacement of faulty parts
      • Adding chemicals needed to make the water safe for swimmers
      • Adding calcium to increase Hardness levels to 250ppm to protect the interior liner/marblite and equipment. Low hardness levels can cause pit marks and serious irreversible damage to marble plaster pool linings and should be checked regularly
      • We will ask approval if the extra cost will be over R1000

      Excluded, but can be added at an extra cost:

      • The cost of treatment of GREEN or neglected pools.
      • Leak finding
      • Testing of chlorinators
      • Testing of IOT devices and non-standard pool equipment
      • Chemicals treatment of pools with special chemicals to remove stains, calcium build-up etc.
      • The cost of parts, materials or other services

      If you are aware of any problem(s):

      • Take a photos or a video of the problem and send it to us via whatsapp

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