Chlorinators | Pool chlorine generators

A salt water chlorinator is a chlorine generator, which consists of two parts: a low voltage power supply and an electrode or cell. Through the process of electrolysis the units convert ordinary salt to sodium hypo-chloride (liquid chlorine). The advantages of salt in swimming pools, apart from the sanitising effect are the pleasantness of the water, lack of red eyes from prolonged bathing, convenience and asthma and hay fever sufferers can swim longer under water without adverse symptoms.

  • Make pool maintenance much easier, but remember that the water-balance need still to be tested regularly (pH, TA)
  • No more dry skin.
  • Buy this product for convenience, not to save on chemical cost! Just switch on the system and adjust the chlorine output level.
  • Less risk of fire or explosion as there is no need to store large quantities of HTH anymore :)
  • Always oversize the chlorinator to ensure it's capable of handling hot days and conditions when more chlorine-gas is required to kill green algae; etc.