Contrast between dirty leafy pool and clean pool, if you use a pool leaf catcher you pool could look like the pool on the right rather than the left

Pool Leaf Catcher

Product Description

If your swimming pool is surrounded by trees, then you will know that a pool with a lot of floating debris and leaves doesn’t exactly scream dive in. You will also know what a hassle it can be to get the leaves out using a net. Fortunately, a pool leaf catcher can help to make this a problem of the past. 

The Pool Skim leaf catcher attaches to the water return pipe, creating a venturi effect that draws in surface water. This pulls in any floating debris and catches it in the clip-on bag, keeping your pool surface clean, clear, and inviting.

Easy installation for any pool

This pool leaf catcher is designed to suit any pool as it attaches to the outlet of your existing system working in conjunction with your filters and automatic cleaners. Making installation quick and easy. While a pool doesn’t have to have a skimmer, it is never too late to add one. As a pool leaf catcher is a convenient addition to your pool system that is well worth it, saving you from hours of manually removing debris with a net. Additionally, the removal of floating debris reduces the workload of your filter system, thereby prolonging the lifespan of the system.

Self-adjusting floater

The Pool Skim leaf catcher is designed with a floating hat. This allows the pool leaf catcher to self-adjust to the water level of your pool. Therefore, it will always effectively skim your pool whether rain or excessive evaporation alters the water level. Giving you peace of mind that it is working effectively no matter the conditions.

Easy to clean

This pool leaf catcher includes an easy-to-clean clip-on bag that makes cleaning and maintenance as easy as possible. Simply unclip the bag and empty it into the rubbish bin or onto your compost, and then reattach it.

Large capacity

On top of being easy to clean, the Pool Skim bag is also capable of holding more leaves than its competitor's products, meaning you don’t have to clean it as often. Truly making the maintenance as easy as possible, which is why it is the #1 pool leaf catcher in our opinion.

If you want your pool to be as sparkly clean as get be we suggest you click the link below:

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