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Magic Stream Laminar Flow Jet

Magic Stream Laminar Flow Jet

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Magic Stream Fountain Diagram


  • Laminar water streams can reach up to 7 feet high and project outward up to 8 feet into your pool, spa, or other water feature.

  • Choose energy efficient LED lighting for a nearly endless array of color choices. Nighttime lighting effects include the ability to hold on a steady color or scroll through a range of available colors.

  • Installation is made flush to your deck or other surface; no unsightly or unsafe edges, just the magic of water erupting from a hidden source.

  • Water streams are easily adjusted in two ways - vertically from 62 degrees to 75 degrees to create different heights and arc shapes. Left and right direction can be adjusted up to 60 degrees total.

  • Laminar deck lids are available in tan, black, and gray to match or complement pool deck or other installation surface.

  • LED Laminars include 100' of electrical cable; simply connect to a 120/12VAC-100 Watt pool lighting transformer to provide power.

  • The technical principal behind MagicStream Laminars is to remove all turbulence and air bubbles from the water before projecting it through a finely-machined nozzle. The laminar water flow is very non-turbulent, so it keeps its surface tension and flows through the air in a smooth, clean, unbroken stream, instead of spraying apart into droplets.

  • Magic Stream Laminars ship fully assembled and ready to install


    • The MagicStream laminar arc can reach a maximum height of seven feet and a distance of eight feet.
    • To achieve the maximum laminar arc height, a water supply of 10 GPM with 16 ft of head (measured at the laminar) is required.
    • Install the Laminar close to the edge of the pool to minimize water from splashing on the deck on windy days.
    • Use a 20 micron cartridge filter to supply clean, filtered water to the Laminar. Do not use a DE or sand filter.
    • Use 1” Sch40 PVC pipe to supply the Laminar. On long pipe runs, calculate the pressure drop and compensate by increasing the supply pressure.
    • Install a throttling valve on the water supply to EACH Laminar. When installing more than one laminar, it is recommended to install a throttling valve on the main supply manifold.
    • Install a 1-1/2” drain line to the bottom of the laminar deck housing and create a drain system to prevent standing water inside the deck housing.
    • The deck housing electrical connection (marked “Electrical” on the housing) is designed for 1” PVC conduit.
    • The LED light engine comes with a 100’ long 2-wire cable. Use a 120/12VAC-100 Watt or 300 Watt pool lighting transformer (purchased separately) powered with a GFCI breaker. Six Laminars can be powered with one 100 Watt transformer. Up to 14 laminars may be powered with one 300 Watt transformer. Follow all current National Electric Code (NEC) and local codes to determine the placement of the transformer.


Proper drainage from the deck housing is critical to avoid damage to the laminar jet assembly. Do not install the laminar jet deck housing in an area prone to runoff or flooding.

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