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If you are looking for a good pool plaster, Cemcrete marbelite pool plaster is one of the best on the market today. It is marbelite based which is one of the best kinds of plaster used in pools, marbelite is a blend of cement and crushed marble, or marble aggregate. This type of pool plaster has a number of benefits for your pool.

Variety of colours

Cemcrete marbelite pool plaster can be tinted to a variety of colours. These include white, sky blue, and charcoal, with other colours that can be blended to suit your needs. Therefore, you have the freedom to make your pool an expression of your personal style, ensuring it matches your aesthetic.

Algae resistant

Cemcrete marbelite displays a significant propensity to inhibit the growth of a wide variety of algae. Meaning that this pool plaster will help to keep the sides of your pool clean and free of algae. Avoiding those slimy algae-covered sides and ensuring that your pool always looks clear, clean, and inviting for all of your pool party guests.


Another factor to consider with pool plaster is its durability. Fortunately, Cemcrete marbelite is exceptionally durable, with an average lifespan of between 10 and 20 years. This can vary depending on environmental factors and installation integrity. The durability of this pool plaster will give you peace of mind that it will last saving you money.

Smooth surface

Cemcrete marbelite pool plaster leaves your pool sides with a smooth finish. This smooth finish makes it easy to clean and ensures the sides won’t irritate your skin or the soles of your feet. This makes swimming pool maintenance easier and makes swimming in your pool as pleasant and inviting as possible. 


While there are many guides online that make plastering your pool look like a standard DIY project, these can be misleading. It is advised to leave the application of Cemcrete marbelite pool plaster to experienced professionals. As it is physically demanding, must be done in one shot, and has a lot that can go wrong. Additionally, a bad installation can look uneven and lumpy, and reduce the lifespan of your pool plaster.

That being said there are some general guidelines for the application of Cemcrete marbelite pool plaster that you should ensure are followed. These are as follows:

  • It has a coverage of about 2m² per 40kg bag
  • The application surface should be clean, dry, and stable, preferably acid-washed. (If replastering chipping away old plaster with a chisel is a good practice starting point)
  • Apply Cement marbelite pool plaster by trowel to a thickness of 8 to 10mm.
  • Cemcrete marbelite will take 90 minutes for an initial set, but to fully harden it should be allowed to cure for 6-8 hours before filling the pool. 
  • You can dampen the exposed pool plaster with a spray bottle every hour to prevent premature drying.

With so much to keep in mind, it is easy to see why it is best left to professionals. As that can ensure you get the best results when using cement marbelite pool plaster.

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