Who we are

Swemgat have a network of trusted pool specialists backed by an online shop delivering pool products and parts throughout South Africa.

Our Vision

To make Swemgat the most trusted brand for DIY swimming pool advice and ON-SITE services in South Africa.

Our Mission

To create happy swimming-pool-owners that will recommend S W E M G A T to colleagues, family and friends.

Team Culture & Values

Every letter of "S W E M G A T" is associated with a attitude or value that encapsulates our team's culture

Share; Wealth; Entrepreneurship; Money; Generosity; Active, Tenacity & Trust.

S - Going into business for yourself is a major life decision. The founder of realised early on his entrepreneurial journey that to succeed, you have to share.

Therefor, "franchising” and "partnering" opposed to expansion by “company own branches” is selected as business model.

W - With a focus on effective utilisation of combined resources to create wealth, our mission's ultimate goal is to improve the well-being of our customers and local communities.

E - Entrepreneurship has gained the status as a rewarding career path and we admire entrepreneurs. We encourage and assist interested team-members to pursue that ambition, even outside the scope of the pool industry.

M - The ultimate reason why we are in business is to generate an abundant flow of money that can be distributed to teams, shareholders, suppliers, service providers and government in order to make South Africa a better place on Planet Earth.

G - Generosity is viewed as an attitude and is cultivated by us; thus giving without expecting anything in return. When we can, we offer our time, money and talents to aid someone in need.

A - We are actively involved in communities via clubs; associations; schools and churches. We believe in Jesus Christ as our saviour.

T - We view tenacity + trust as the important attributes of a person's character. 'Tenacity' is the trait of never giving up, while 'trust' is the belief that we want customers to experience when dealing with every one of our team members.