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The Best Swimming Pool Lights in South Africa 2022

LED lighting is one of the fastest advancing technologies in our current world due to its energy efficiency, lifetime value, power, versatile lighting and ability to control it. It can be applied almost everywhere where lighting is required, from car headlights to torches, traffic signals to swimming pools and jacuzzis. We will be discussing the latter and commenting on the best swimming pool- and jacuzzi lights in South Africa in 2022. 

The Most Efficient Underwater LED Light On the Market

Pentair IntelliBrite 5g colour-changing light

The IntelliBrite 5g light is the most efficient underwater LED light available. It operates on less than half the energy of its competitors, while still supplying sufficient, strong lighting. It includes a custom reflector and innovative lens design and can be bought as a separate globe; a globe with housing or a complete globe with housing and a handled controller. 

This light is colour-changing and has the following colour options: Green, blue, magenta, white and red. When the 12Volt power from a 12V transformer is turned on/off, the colours change.

Product Components

  1. Custom reflector to eliminate hot spots
  2. LED lights for exceptional light intensity
  3. Superior lens geometry to improve colour effects
  4. Light beam distribution creates more uniform illumination

Often Bought With

Timer | Time Switch with pins

Spa Light Flush Blue 12 Volt | 50mm Aimflo inlet size

Blue LED pool light

The Best LED Swimming Pool Replacement Lights  

  • Blue LED pool light
  • White LED pool light 

  • The Quality Eco LED replacement lights have electrical cables that fit into standard underwater pool light housings with a hole diameter of 170mm. It can either be purchased as a light alone or a complete light housing. If you require new installation in a concrete or brick wall, you will need to include light housing  in your order

    Often Bought With

    Analog Swimming pool timer with 6 days backup battery

    Oatey PVC Glue for swimming pool PVC pipe - 473ml

    Kreepy Krauly / Sta-rite | Dominator replacement tyres

    Recommended Underwater LED Spa Lights 

  • Specktralight Aimflow light for spas and swimming pools, 12 Volt

  • This LED spa and swimming pool light will light up an area of about 2m x 3m with a single beam, so the recommended spacing is 2,5m apart on walls when used in large pools. What makes the Specktralight Aimflow so unique is its hypnotising colour variation that includes colours such as Cloud White, Afternoon Skies, Deep Blue Sea and Emerald.

    It has a power rating of 12 Volt (0.1Amp) - 20 Volt AC with a maximum of 400 Lumens and a recommended transformer of 4VA per light. To avoid overheating, only use these lights underwater. 


    • This product has a 12-month warranty.
  • Spa light 12V with blue & red lens | Jacuzzi light

    This 12 Volt White spa light comes with two clip-on lenses (red and blue) and is a popular installation choice when it comes to customers with a fibreglass jacuzzi or jetted spas. Even if you have a concrete jacuzzi, this would still be a suitable choice.  A special tool to help you open the light when it is due for a replacement is also included.


    • Diameter of the hole to drill: 62mm

    Often Bought With

    Bellow Button white | Air Push button

    Quality White Bottom drain & grid

    Air Tubing 3mm per m

    Spa Light Flush Blue 12 Volt | 50mm Aimflo inlet size

    This light is commonly used in both jacuzzis and swimming pools, with an approximate coverage of 1 light per 8m2 floor area.

    Often Bought With

    Two-way air switch

    People also ask:

    Which lights are used in a swimming pool?

    Halogen and Incandescent lights were always the traditional option for swimming pool lights since they are inexpensive, and produce a consistent output of light. Although these are the expected lights to find in a swimming pool, you would be surprised to find out how fast underwater LED lighting is becoming a frontrunner.

    Can I put LED strip lights in my pool?

    Yes, you can. LED strip lights are actually considered the most favourable option you could choose for swimming pool lighting, because of the safety it provides. LED strip lights are IP68 rated but still, they are protected by a layer of polycarbonate material

    How many lights do you need in a swimming pool?

    There are various factors that play a role when it comes to deciding on the amount of swimming pool lights you need. Taking this statement into consideration, the following general recommendations are not guaranteed to your specific needs but serve more as a guideline.

    • For a 4mx 6m or smaller pool, it is recommended to only install one light. (If you are using only one light for your entire pool, the light needs to be placed at the deep end of the pool. Preferably in a narrow beam). 
    • If you have a 5m x 12m pool, 2 lights are normally recommended.
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