Turn unused pool time to fun

THE PROBLEM for people that stay at a pool-less home.
  • They can not host a pool party;
  • Inviting friends over for cocktails next to a pool is not possible;
  • Taking their kids for a swim after school is not so easy;
  • They can only dream about having a braai next to a pool and wish for their own pool.

As POOL OWNER you can make some or all of the above wishes come true.

Make your pool available at an hourly rate. You can screen guests manually, alternatively Swemgat can handle bookings for a 20% commission on your behalf.

If you do not have a nearby bathroom, do not let that become a hurdle. It can be stated clearly and an alternative plan such as a portable toilet can be arranged.

  • There's nothing awkward about getting paid for sharing your swimming pool for a few hours
  • You make the rules
  • Rental rates are from R200 to R1500 per hour for photo shoots

List your pool for rental by the hour.

    Reduce Swimming Pool Cost