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Aquachek Silver Fc,Tc,Ph,Ta,ca,Th (100 test strips) for pool owners & professionals

Aquachek Silver Fc,Tc,Ph,Ta,ca,Th (100 test strips) for pool owners & professionals

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Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng: 10 Days | Other areas: 12 Days | Sorry, no delivery to outlying areas and farms.

AquaChek Silver 7-Way offers seven important tests on a single strip.

  • Aquachek Silver now features an improved test for Cyanuric Acid
  • It’s faster and easier to use than liquid test kits
  • This strip allows you to test Cyanuric Acid up to 300 ppm (mg/L), a higher level than any available liquid kits!
  • This Cyanuric Acid test works in pH between 7.0 and 8.4
  • Total Alkalinity at or below 240 ppm
  • It offers enhanced colors for greater color distinction and easier readability

AquaChek Silver is the most comprehensive test strip product in our professional line providing test results for 7 key parameters in less than one minute!  It save time, save money and are used by pool service professionals around the world. with Fast,

For a clean and healthy large pool, test the water at each end!

AquaChek Silver tests for 7 important chemistries in seconds:

  1. Total Hardness
  2. Total Chlorine
  3. Total Bromine (if you use bromine as sanitiser and not chlorine)
  4. Free Chlorine
  5. pH (potential of hydrogen)
  6. Total Alkalinity
  7. Stabilizer or Chlorine Protector (Cyanuric Acid).


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