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Zodiac Automatic Weir Valve

  • R 239.00


The Flow valve has three settings: High (3), medium (2) and Low (1).

To deliver the maximum pool cleaning efficiency, the Flow valve comes preset at a factory setting of 2.

You will need to adjust the Flow valve when and if a problem occurs.

  • If The Zodiac pool cleaner is performing too fast and/ or climbing above the level of the water.

Reduce Flow valve to setting 1

  • If the pool cleaner is performing slowly and /or is not climbing the pool walls.

Increase Flow valve to setting 3


The Auto Flo Weir Valve works by regulating the flow through the pool cleaner to the pump.

As the filter collects debris, the valve will automatically maintain the correct flow.



To avoid any serious injury, turn off the pool pump before proceeding to these steps.






Ask a Question
  • How do we install the Zodiac weir valve for my swimming pool?

    Connect the Zodiac Weir Valve on end of pool cleaner pipe that is connected to the weir (or suction-point) with the ARROW on the product pointing in the direction of water flow to the pool pump.

    For further assistance, you are welcome to send a text message via Whatsapp to Swemgat Technical Support on 0824595784.