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Clinobrite Filter sand, enhanced substitute 25kg

Clinobrite Filter sand, enhanced substitute 25kg

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When can I expect delivery?

Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng: 10 Days | Other areas: 12 Days | Sorry, no delivery to outlying areas and farms.

Use  How many bags of Clinobrite do I need?

  • 1 Bag Clinobrite replace 1 Bag of orinary filter sand

  • To determine the size of your sand filter, look on the size of the drum for a number. For example: Aquaswim 3 indicates that the drum takes 3 bags of filter sand. Other manufacturers would print Q120 or just 120 on the the drum to indicate a 3-bag sand filter (3 bags x 40kg = 120kg). The number on a 2 bag filter would therefore be "80", indicating that it takes 80kg of normal filter sand and "160" would be printed on a 4-bag sand filter.



  • It mechanically captures and removes dirt and debris

What makes CLINOBRITE different?

  • It treats water chemically as well as mechanically
  • It absorbs Ammonia
  • Absorbs and holds harmful heavy metals like lead
  • Reduces chlorine demand and remove burning eyes and unpleasant smells, often experienced at resort pools or a lot of swimming i.e. "heavy bather loading"

Clinobrite is a specific type of Zeolite mineral mined in South Africa.

It is a direct substitute for pool filter sand that saves you money by scavenging unwanted ammonia from pool water and thereby reducing your swimming pool chlorine consumption. It is a true 21st century filter medium with both ion exchange and superior micro-filtration properties.

Unlike ordinary filter sand, the surface of Clinobrite grains are not smooth. Clinobrite grains attract and trap extremely fine dirt particles and algae onto their surface and not just between the grains like ordinary sand. In practise, a Clinobrite pool filter can remove 40 - 50% more physical dirt than an outdated sand filter. It can also filter out much smaller particle sizes than sand. This greatly improves the clarity of your pool and gives much longer service cycles between backwash operations. Clinobrite is even able to trap the tiny cysts of diarrhea causing cryptosporidium which are becoming a health problem in municipal waters worldwide!

Also, unlike sand filters, Clinobrite acts as a filter on the atomic scale by absorbing ammonium ions (NH4+) from pool water and this consequently eliminates algae. This is due to a powerful negative charge that exists within the Clinobrite structure that attracts positively charged cation contaminants such as ammonia and holds them within the Clinobrite structure.

Reduce Chlorination Costs

Clinobrite is a natural zeolite and a direct substitute for filter sand.

Unlike sand, Clinobrite will reduce chlorination costs by minimising ammoniacal nitrogen in swimming pool water.

Refresh & Regenerate of Clinobrite every 12 months

  • Use a 10% salt solution and soak the Clinobrite in it overnight
  • I.e. buy pool salt - click here
  • HOW?
    • Add it 2kg in a 20L bucket with water and mix well to give you a "brine solution".
    • Open your sandfilter lid; then add the brine solution into the drum and let it stand overnight. Ensure the pump is off.
    • The next day: Do a full backwash & rinse  and all will be good as new and ready to absorb all the unwanted elements in the water for another 12 months



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