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Collins DIY project in a weekend by Jackson Day/B13

Collins DIY project in a weekend by Jackson Day/B13

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Easy-to-achieve DIY projects that can be completed in a weekend – from a couple of hours to a whole day


Introduction: planning tips for your garden, deciding on the approach; measuring up; practical considerations

Projects include:

  • A quick fix for a rotting fence
  • Lopping branches
  • Camouflaging an ugly wall
  • Stopping your pond overflowing
  • Leveling a loose paving slab
  • Saving rainwater
  • Protecting vulnerable plants
  • Making a garden incinerator
  • Laying stepping across your lawn
  • Maintaining garden steps
  • Laying decorative cobblestones
  • Replacing a fence post
  • Making a bird table
  • A nesting box for garden birds
  • Window boxes and planters
  • Storing your garden tools

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