Elara Staingo 500ml - Swemgat

Elara Staingo 500ml

  • R 139.00


Stain on bottom of pool:

  • Switch pump off for at least 4hrs
  • Dilute 500ml stain-go on 4.5l water.couple 2-3 lengths of hose to eight wheel sweeper and park sweeper on stain.
  • Pour stain-go solution into hoses and follow with 1-2l clean water to expell stain-go onto stain.
  • Repeat if necessary

General stain treatment


  • Pour 500ml stain-go undiluted into pool at aim flow inlet while pump is running.
  • Repeat once a month if necessary

Removal of black calcium ring on mosaic:

  • Top up pool until black ring is under water.
  • Treat as above for general stain removal.
  • Keep water lever above ring for 2-3 weeks

Remove black stains from spa's:

  • Use diluted stain-go on a cloth







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