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Emaux Cartridge Filter complete

Emaux Cartridge Filter complete

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  • Use as inline filtration system for indoor swimming pools and pool with minimal dirt and debris
  • Alternative use: Added inline after a sandfilter as "polishing filter" to remove finer particles and clean water to a crystal clear colour

 Sizing and other features:

  • In filtration design, a bigger filter is always better

  • 1.5" Union set delivers a maximum flow rate of 190 liter per minute

Emaux Cartridge Filter is ideal for maintaining a clean and healthy swimming pool environment for your family.

It is easy to install and maintenance as the heavy duty ring-lock lid allows easy cleaning and replacement of the cartridge element. High quality oil filled pressure gauge is applied for easy inspection of the operation pressure to ensure reliable operation.

Our recommendation for residential swimming pools in terms of sizing:

  • 100ft up to 100 000l pool
  • 150ft up to 140 000l pool
  • 200ft up to 180 000l pool

Cartridge for should be cleaned weekly or when the flow decreased significantly (pressure gauge will show significant increase in pressure).

Replace filter cartridge  every 2 to 3 years for private residential pools and every 6 to 12 months for commercial pools.

High pressure cleaning with car-wash-pressure-cleaner is sometimes required to remove very fine dust and chemicals, otherwise cleaning with a normal garden hose is sufficient.

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