Filter box Rock plastic cover - "Almost" Square - Swemgat

Filter box Rock plastic cover - "Almost" Square

  • R 3,190.00

Large enough to fit a 3 bag sand filter and 2 small pumps.


Filter Box a must to have, especially if your pump, chlorinator & filter are not covered, protection from the rain and all weather conditions.

It all depends on your budget or the surrounding area around the pool, as to which filter box to choose from.Pump and sand filter cover. Made from polypropylene in shape of rock.

  •  Length: 1020mm
  • Width: 900mm
  • Height: 630mm


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  • Filter box Rock plastic cover - can you make this in bigger size 2,1 metre x 2.1 metre ??

    Unfortunately, the sandfilter & pool pump covers are only available in the standard sizes displayed.

    Swimming regards