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Pool Pump Cover: Plastic housing and lid - Large 1,2m (Collection in Centurion only)

Pool Pump Cover: Plastic housing and lid - Large 1,2m (Collection in Centurion only)

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Collection in Centurion only

Enclosure to house up to a 5 bag sand filter and swimming pool pump.
Components need to be plumbed close together in order to fit.

The shades of tan,green&grey may vary from box to box
The shades can differ as per manufacturer

Alternative use:
- Protective housing for larger electrical power generators.

- Sand filters & cartridge filters can be sunken into ground in order to make it fit


Length: 120cm
Width: 120cm
Height: 75cm

Alternative use:

- Protective housing for small electrical power generators.

For a smaller filter box - click here


Pool pumps and sand filters are vital to keeping your swimming pool clean and inviting. They are also expensive and can unfortunately be a bit of an eyesore. That is why a pool pump and filter should be covered. This pool pump cover is the perfect option to protect them, and improve your poolside’s aesthetic for your pool parties.


This pool pump cover offers protection to your pump and sand filter. This is important as these components can become brittle if exposed to the UV rays of the sun, which can make further damage likely. This cover will also protect the pump from the rain, as rain can get in the motor which can cause a short circuit. This plastic pool pump cover protects your components from these elements, giving you peace of mind, and saving you from replacing these pricey components.

Large size

This pool pump cover is large in size with dimensions of 120cm length, 120cm width, and 75cm height. This large size allows it to enclose up to a 5-bag sand filter and swimming pool pump. Components do need to be plumbed closely together to fit, alternatively, sand filters can be sunk into the ground to help them fit. This large size means that this pool pump cover suits the needs of most people.

Aesthetically pleasing

A pool pump cover doesn’t only protect your components from the elements, it also covers the components and their piping, which can be a bit of an eyesore. Therefore, you can improve the aesthetic of your poolside area, making your pool the first choice for any pool party.

Variety of colours

These pool pump covers come in a variety of colours. With shades of tan/brown, green, or grey. The shades of these colours may vary from box to box as per the manufacturer. With these colour varieties available you will be able to find the perfect cover to match your poolside aesthetic and personal preference.

Alternative use

This pool pump cover can also be used as a protective housing for generators. This allows you to run your generator during load-shedding even if it is raining. Gone are the days of sitting in the dark during load-shedding on a rainy night. With this cover, you can keep your generator running no matter the weather.


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