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Spa Air Blower with 1000W motor

  • R 1,859.00


Spa Air Blowers

Spa Air Blower, an air pump introduces the air into the spa through a series of injectors.

Many spas use the blower to provide soothing massages while other companies use it to mix with water coming in through jets. No matter what type of Spa you apply an air blower will assist in the whole therapeutic experience.

Air Blowers for Spas are an essential piece to the spa experience. Blowers are simple units consisting of a housing and a fan motor in it. When they fail to become operational, we recommend replacement.

Carry-in warranty:

7 Days, i.e. you get only a "start-up warranty" subject to normal use as specified.




Ask a Question
  • is the above blower a 2 stage ....not needed to be turned off for 20 min invervals ?

    The blower-motor need to be turned off every 20 minutes for 20 minutes to cool down to extend the motor's life.  These are 2-pole motors, single phase i.e. 220V AC with a single speed.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE received on 1 September 2021

    - These blowers was incorrectly labeled by the factory as "2 stage motors".