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Quality Superflo swimming pool pump 220V - 2 Year Warranty

Quality Superflo swimming pool pump 220V - 2 Year Warranty

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Brand Name: Quality

Model: Superflo

Pump sizes (output power rating): 0.45kW; 0.6kW; 0.75kW; 1.1kW; 1.5kW

TIP: Please select an click your size pump on the options field drop down and the price will change accordingly.

Quality Superflo branded self-priming pool pumps is currently the most popular swimming pump in South Africa, but since 2021 a new improved pump, the Superflo2 or now called the Swimflo is quickly growing in popularity due to improved electrical efficiency, lower running noise and improved cooling dynamics. For information and prices of the Swimflo pump - click here.

For daily filtration of residential swimming pools, use the following pump and sandfilter combinations as a minimum:

  • Use a 0.45kW pump with 2 Bag Sand filter to filtrate up to 20000L water
  • Use a 0.6kW pump with 2 Bag Sand filter to filtrate up to 30000L water
  • Use a 0.75kW pump with 3 Bag Sand filter to filtrate up to 60000L water
  • Use a 1.1kW pump with 4 Bag Sand filter to filtrate up to 90000L water
  • Use a 1.5kW pump with 5 Bag Sand filter to filtrate up to 12000L water

Tips for selecting a pump:

  • The size of the sand filter determines the size of the pump
  • A bigger pump, uses more electricity and does not necessarily equals better water quality
  • To save electricity, look at the range of energy saving pump available by clicking here
  • More filtration will provide more hygienic water and better water clarity throughout the year
  • Consider using a sand filter in conjunction with a cartridge filter for better filtration, i.e. to "polish" the water to a crystal clear colour
  • Design guideline: Turn the water once or more per day for residential pools and upto 6 times or more for commercial pools, all will depend on bather loading and the surrounding landscape or environment


  • 2 Years from date of purchase


The pump is a self-priming pump, which can be installed above or below water level, if you choose to go below, be sure to connect a control valve on your suction pipe between the pool weir/skimmer and the pump, which will prevent your pump being flooded when you open the lid to clean the pump leaf basket.

Do not over tighten fittings into the inlet and outlet of the pump. Position pump on a flat level surface not exposed to flooding, as the pump motor is not waterproof.

Electrical connection should be done by an electrician, be sure to earth the motor. Pump should be installed in a weatherproof and well ventilated enclosure away from all chemicals. Before starting the motor, open the lid of the pump and add water to cover the basket, replace lid and tighten by hand. Never run the pump dry without water, and clean the pump leaf basket regularly.


The head in meters is shown on the vertical axis which is the height of water delivery, and the volume could then be read on the horizontal axis measured in litres per minute.


1. Pump Clamp Complete
2. Pump Knob
3. Pump Lid
4. Pump Lid O-Ring
5. Pump Basket
6. Pump Body
7. Pump Diffuser O - Ring
8. Diffuser Screws
9. Pump Diffuser
10.Pump Flange O -Ring
11.Pump Impellor
12.Mechanical Shaft Seal
13.Flange Bolts
14.Pump Flange
15.Body Bolts


Product Reviews:

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  • Look what some buyers say:

Vivienne - 21 Oct 2021Swemgat reviewsI have been using it for many years and am satisfied with the quality of the product.

19 Sep 2020
Swemgat reviewsHave my current one for about 15 years and it is now time for a replacement. Cannot complain about the past performance and ordered a new one now.
Willis - 14 Apr 2022 Swemgat reviews
This is an excellent product and made in South Africa. All parts are available not that one will need any parts for the next 25 years. That is how long my previous one lasted. I recommend this pump because it is proudly South African, for its quality and durability.



Use a gel block or Africhem Wondercube to "polish the water" and improve filtration of a sand filter. Insert the gel block in the weir basket. The product will dissolve and sit on the filter media (filter sand) where it will help to capture finer particles and could even help to eliminate cloudy or milky water caused by dead algae.

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