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Speck swimming pool pump, Porpoise with 3 Year Warranty

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Pump sizing for private home swimming pool:

  • 0.4kW Porpoise 10 - Recommended to use with a 2-Bag Aquaswim Sand filter for a 30 000 to 55 000 Litre swimming pool
  • 0.75kW Porpoise 16 - Use with a 3-Bag Aquaswim Sand filter for a 50 000 to 85 000 Litre swimming pools with or without solar heating system
  • 1.1kW Porpoise 22 - Use with a 4-Bag Aquaswim Sand filter for a 80 000 to 150 000 Litre swimming pools with or without solar heating system on a double storey roof-use a 30mf capasitor

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The BADU® Porpoise range of pumps combines state of the art material technology with innovative design and engineering to produce one of the most efficient pumps in the market. The pump can be installed 3m above or below water level. The pump must be installed on a flat surface that would not flood in heavy rain.


Carry-in warranty:

3 Years subject to normal use; it must not run dry (i.e. run without water) and not flood in any circumstances.



  • Pump casing and internal parts made from Polypropylene
  • German Engineering and design combined for ultimate efficiency
  • Plastic components are 100% recyclable
  • Temperature stability up to 60°C
  • Total electric separation.
  • German design mechanical seal using carbon to ceramic sealing surfaces
  • Simple servicing
  • Fully factory tested
  • New 2 part easy screw on / off lid
  • Stainless Steel shaft
  • Available in 3 sizes to suit all pool applications
  • Self Priming


Carry-in Warranty

3 Warranty under normal operating conditions from date of purchase


Ask a Question
  • Exactly what is covered under the 3 year warranty on a Speck 0,75 kw Porpoise pump ?

    Manuafacturing defects are covered by the Speck Warranty and failures not caused by the following: - running the pump without water - lighting damage that may cause electrical faults - damage caused by flooding - overheating caused by insufficient ventilation for the motor to cool down during the operation. Install the pump at least 10cm away from walls or other equipment.

    The above is not a comprehenisive list of failures not covered under warranty. We can howerver say that we hardly ever experience a problem with a Speck pump during the warranty period and even much longer after that. Speck Porpoise pumps are splash proof but not designed to work in or under water. The motor must operate in a dry environment.