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Ultra Zap UV Clarifier for freshwater ponds

Ultra Zap UV Clarifier for freshwater ponds

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When can I expect delivery?

Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng: 10 Days | Other areas: 12 Days | Sorry, no delivery to outlying areas and farms.

A pond with clear freshwater is an attractive feature in your garden, which brings many hours of enjoyment and relaxation.  A green pond is unappealing to look at and makes it difficult to determine whether your fish have disease or have injured themselves.  Algae also poses a threat as it starves your koi of the essential oxygen they require.

An Ultra Zap fresh water pond Ultraviolet (UV) will eradicate free floating algae and maintain a clear pond throughout the year.  The UV works by exposing the photo tropic micro-organisms i.e.: free floating single celled algae to dose of UV radiation.  This destroys and prevents the regrowth of the algae. Ultra Zap UV’s have no side effects on the inhabitants of your pond and its environment.

A permanent solution to reduce pond algae

UV Clarifiers offer a permanent solution for reducing the growth rate of algae. Using chemicals causes fluctuations in the pond environment and offers only a temporary solution. UV light technology are also less time consuming and need very little attention.

Is water treated with UV light safe?

Ultraviolet (UV) Water Purification is a proven technology that uses UV light to kill 99.99% of harmful microorganisms in water. UV water filtration is a safe, chemical-free way to treat water.

How do I control algae in your fish pond?

There are various methods of controlling the build up of algae bloom, some more permanent than others. Such methods include the use of aquatic pond plants, using shade, but a proven and very effective method is to install a UV Clarifier together with a Bio Filter and/or Sand Filter in the water circulation circuit.

What size Pond UV Clarifier should I use?

  • 8 Watt for up to 6 000L pond water
  • 15 Watt for up to 12 000L pond water
  • 30 Watt for up to 30 000L pond water
  • 55 Watt for up to 50 000L pond water

Maximum flow rates:

Slow but sufficient flow rates ensure enough contact time of the water when passing through the UV light chamber, therefore the following maximum flow rates are specified. 

  • 40 Liter per minute for the 8 Watt UV Clarifier
  • 60 Liter per minute for the 15 Watt UV Clarifier
  • 140 Liter per minute for the 30 Watt UV Clarifier
  • 300 Liter per minute for the 55 Watt UV Clarifier

Installer's tip: To reduce flow on the UV light, simply insert a bypass line with a T-off line to divide water flows and control the rate with a ball valve and rejoin the main line again after the UV Light.

PVC pipe connection size:

  • 50mm Inlet & Outlet


  • Remove and wipe UV clarifier globes clean whenever water quality deteriorates
  • UV light that run 24 hours a day, require replacement about every 9 to 12 months to ensure optimal performance in fish ponds

Approximate dimensions:

  • 8 Watt: 340mm long x 90mm diameter UV light chamber
  • 15 Watt: 470mm long x 90mm diameter UV light chamber
  • 30 Watt: 940mm long x 90mm diameter UV light chamber
  • 55 Watt: 940mm long x 90mm diameter UV light chamber

Carry-in warranty

  • 7 Day working-warranty on globe
  • 1 Year on other parts


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