Where To Find Fibreglass Pool Tile Borders

Where To Find Fibreglass Pool Tile Borders

The prominent question fibreglass pool owners are faced with, is whether or not they want fibreglass pool tiling. Tiles have the ability to rejuvenate your pool in all the best possible ways. It adds beauty and style, without requiring too much technical know-how.

When it comes to waterline tiling, fibreglass pools are unique. The option of using a waterline tile or leaving the pool shell exposed above the waterline is exclusively reserved for Inground fibreglass pools. If you are a fibreglass pool owner, confronted with this decision, maybe the following points will inspire your decision: 

Superior Fibreglass Pool Lining

Fibreglass pool lining lasts for years. It is considered an extremely structural lining, considering it is made up of a combined glass fibre compound and plastic resin that moulds itself to your pool’s shape. Fibreglass pool linings are popular since they set hard and will bridge cracks, seal joints and bodged repairs. This will ultimately leave your pool with a structurally watertight, strong, and chemical-resistant ceramic-like finish.

How do you tile around a fibreglass pool?

Basically, there are 3 ways to tile around a fibreglass pool:

Waterline Tiling

This refers to the process of placing one or more rows of tiles around the top of the pool where the waterline will be.

This type of tiling is perfect if you want the tile to be a part of the entire pool. Some advantages of waterline tiling include: 

  • An accentuated and beautified pool
  • A wide range of colours and styles to choose from 
  • Simplified the waterline maintenance (since Silicone and tile grout are easy to clean).

Inlay Tiling

Inlay tiling in marble plastered concrete or pre-moulded fibreglass pool provides recesses for the tile and each tile is cut to fit into the recess. Inlay tile has the following advantages:

  • Your bathing suits won’t be torn as seen with bricks or cantilever cemen.
  • Both the tile and the grout are easy to clean using a sponge or wet cloth. In this case, grout is guaranteed never to crack, dislodge or stain.
  • The exposed sharp edges do not require polishing.
  • It is custom made with the purpose of fitting the pool, your specific needs and the deck.
  • An attractive combination of colours can be achieved for a perfect match with the coping tile and waterline design.

Custom Tiling throughout the Pool

This type of tiling entails working on the whole surface of the swimming pool for optimum luxury and permanence.

Can you put mosaic tiles on a fibreglass pool linings?

Yes, fibreglass mosaic tissue provides mosaic tile patterns and various other designs as an option. These designs can vary from dolphins to stacked tile blocks positioned anywhere upon the pool floor or on steps and seats. This tile needs to be pasted onto the fibreglass or epoxy coated lining with a clear top coat and catalyst mixture.

Swemgat.com offers a large variety of stunning mosaic fibreglass tile borders.

Mosaic tiles for “marbelite” or marble plastered pool linings?

Mosaic tiling is made from any combination of materials such as glass, porcelain, ceramic or stone. It is designed in a small pattern and set on a mesh sheet for easy installation or inlays into marblite. Incorporating mosaic tiles in your marbelite or fibreglass pool design can both add a pop of colour into your life as well as serve as a waterline guide and clear markings of steps in your swimming pool. 

People also ask:

Are glass mosaic tiles good for swimming pools?

Yes, glass mosaic tiles are indeed beneficial for swimming pools. Glass mosaic pool tiles are extremely expensive, but very hygienic, easy to clean and won't be easily damaged by harsh pool chemicals. They also enhance the appearance of your pool. It can also create the illusion that your pool is larger than it actually is. Another perk of glass mosaic tiles is that they are very durable. 

How long will waterline tile last?

Depending on the correct installation of the mosaic tiles and how well you maintain the balance of your swimming pool water, waterline tiles can last upto 10 years and longer.

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