One photo of clean pool floor and another with dirty pool floor, if you use the pool brush your pool floor with look like the clean one

Pool Brush

Product Description

The Quality Hi-Vac pool brush with vacuum is the perfect two-in-one tool to clean your pool. It allows you to simultaneously brush the sides, floor, and steps while vacuuming all of the loosened material out of the pool, leaving it spotless.

It is also perfect for sucking up any leaves, dust, or debris on the bottom of your pool that your automatic vacuum may have missed. Giving you manual control of the vacuuming power to help keep your pool sparkling clear and inviting.


While this is a pool brush with vacuum you can also use it as a standard pool brush. This brush is very effective at removing dirt and algae spores from the sides of your pool. This is especially useful as it is advised to brush your pool before vacuuming, giving the loosened debris time to settle before you vacuum. This helps to ensure that all dirt and debris are collected when you vacuum.

Prevents algae

Brushing your pool is one of the best ways to prevent algae, and this pool brush with vacuum is one of the best to do it. Brushing helps to remove algae spores on the sides of your pool that are trying to get a foothold. With the vacuum running these spores are then sucked into the filter so they can't grow in your pool. Keeping your pool perfectly blue for all of your pool parties.

Standard fittings

The fittings of this pool brush with vacuum are designed to connect to a standard-size pool vacuum hose and aluminium poles. This product includes its fittings and attachments, meaning you don’t have to struggle to find odd size pipes or fittings. Making it easy and convenient to use and keep your pool clean.

Easy to use

This pool brush with vacuum is easy to use. Simply connect the pool brush to the suction pipe of your pool filter system, and attach an aluminium pole. Then with the system running use the brush to clean the walls, floor, and steps of your pool, or just guide the suction to the loose debris on the bottom of your pool. After an initial scrubbing of the sides, give any free-floating debris time to settle to the bottom, before vacuuming again to remove the settled materials from your pool. It is best to brush your pool at least once or twice a week to keep your sides beautifully clean.

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