Pool care is genuinely easy

Pool care is genuinely easy

Treatment of swimming pool water is genuinely easy if you stick to the basics:

  • Switch the pool pump on for long enough to ensure sufficient circulation of the water 
  • Ensure the cartridge filter or sand filter is not clogged up 
  • Replace the filter medium at least every two years, i.e. change the filtersand or replace the cartridge
  • Educate yourself (or get your gardener trained) on pool chemistry and use water test strip technology to your advantage by testing the water at the pool
  • Add the minimum amount of chemicals, but dosage regularly

Convenience and time saving tips:

  • Ensure the pool timer is working properly. You can even consider mobile app-controlled timer that works through wifi.
  • Salt water chlorinators makes dosing of chlorine automatic, a definite "must have" if you tend to forget to add extra chlorine to the pool after a lot of swimming or adverse weather. 

Cost saving tips:

  • Brush the pool walls and floor weekly or more often to remove invisible algae spores or growth starting on the walls
  • Test and maintain the correct levels of ph, Total Alkalinity
  • Ensure the Calcium Hardness are checked and corrected at least quarterly to avoid potential pitting in marble plastered pools (marblite).
  • Keep the water healthy for swimmers by maintaining a Free Chlorine level of 1 to 3 part per million (ppm) which is the standard for public pools as well. For small jetted spas the Free Chlorine level should be kept between 3 to 5ppm.
  • Add 3 to 6 times the regular granular chlorine dosage on a weekly basis (i.e. shock treatment) to eliminate the buildup of "used chlorine" (combined chorine). Your regular granular chlorine product is perfect to use, you do not need to buy overpriced and specially packed "chlorine shock treatment"

Pool chemistry & Basic Pool Care Training

  • Contact us to get yourself or a domestic worker trained by a local pool specialist or via a Whatsapp call while you perform the actions at your pool


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